Tomorrow I Will Be Glastonbury Bound

Taken by me on my way to the Top of the Tor

I’m going away for a few days… The Tor beckons and my heart needs a bit of recharging at The Chalice Well Gardens.

The Chalice Well ~ photography by me

I will have my Wildwood Deck with me. I’m looking forward to experiencing it’s magic on the so very magical ground that Glastonbury sits upon and generates.

I may have talked about this card before but here it is again…

The Archer from the Wildwood Tarot

Here is a little bit of information about The Archer for you to think on:

It’s place on the Wheel of the Year is the Spring Equinox equating with the dawn of a new life *sighs*

Some key phrases:

The dawn of a new adventure… waits for you to string the bow of your imagination and loose the arrows of creativity… a new life and better relationship to the world.

Gather tools, steady the mind…

What do you want to achieve? Why? How?

Take a deep breath and be calm. It is time to let your soul take flight !

I will report back in a few days when my soul has landed…


The Tor at Glastonbury ~ photography by me

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