The Magician and Mercury

The Magician from the Robin Hood Deck


After spending most of the day thinking about retrograde mercury in Sagittarius and ultimately writing a bit about it, I decided as part of the overall experience to invoke the energy of The Magician.

Mercury, as the planet of communication in all its forms,  is both trickster and Magician. There is a link between the planet Mercury and The Magician. It is through the energy of the Magician that we create our reality. It is through Mercury that we understand and communicate our reality to ourselves and to others. In truth, The Magician is the great Alchemist.

Next year I will doing a workshop on Healing and Personal Transformation with The Magician (more on that later) so I won’t go into a lot of detail now.

However, if this down time granted us by retrograde mercury gives us a chance to rethink our lives and ultimately recreate our futures, it is through The Magician that we are able to make manifest this future. So perhaps for today we can take some time to remember the talents, capabilities and resources we have at our disposal…


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