Aries and Pisces Ask Us To Find A Balance Between What We Say and What We Feel

Zodiac Art, Aries by Carolyn Quan
© 2008 Carolyn Quan. All rights reserved.

Changes are afoot today… Mercury is moving into ‘just do it’ Aries alongside Uranus while the Moon has moved into ‘just dream it’ Pisces holding hands with Neptune.

The Moon is coming up to oppose Mars… feelings of frustration may create personal challenges… The urge to bust out and start all those projects that have been on hold may be hampered by the need to ‘feel’ receptive, peace-loving, compassionate… with an emphasis on the super-sensitive … Work to combine the two energies to create dynamic expressions of peace and compassion, poetry and art. How can you make the world a better place? Find a balance between what you say and what you feel.


16 April 2012

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