Luck, Joy, Feminine Ritual and the Solar Eclipse of May 2012

Solar Eclipse of May 2012
21 May 2012
00:48 BST
Lancing, England

I have been reading so much about this solar eclipse. There is so much focus on it, some of it hopeful, some of it downright frightening.

In May of 1993 there was also a solar eclipse at 0 degrees of Gemini. I moved to Mendocino, California. It was a fabulous time. I found a job immediately. It was a very warm summer with gorgeous sunshine sparkling off the Pacific Ocean. When I think of that time, I remember long skirts swirling around my legs and the sparkle of abalone shell everywhere. It was an amazing kind of paradise. I felt so lucky to be there, to be alive.

Recently, someone I almost knew from that time popped into my life. He is a gifted astrologer and musician. He was a friend of some of my friends but we never actually connected. So by a fortuitous sequence of events, I am having a hugely entertaining epistolary relationship with a funny, generous and very wise man who lives with his lovely family 9,000 miles away. That’s Venus Retrograde for you.

 He recently sent me an email explaining how beautiful this solar eclipse is. In fact, how beautiful all new moons are, how they are a feminine ritual and a blessing. And then I remembered… I remembered how much I love enhanced moon energy. It is such a great time to connect with the Great Mother, Mother Nature, Goddess, Gaia, whatever word you like to use. You must admit she has been crying out for a bit of attention from us.

So, this is the thing. This is a solar eclipse. There are a few difficult aspects associated with it, but it is still a NEW MOON. I have a Cancer Ascendent. I’m a bit of a moon child. The New Moon for me has always been a good time, a time of new beginnings, a fresh start, an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. For me, New Moons are like a monthly Spring. They are, in fact, lucky!

So instead of dreading what might happen, I recommend rejoicing at what could happen, at what you could make happen… Let yourself be reborn. Make your life over into what you have always known it could be.

There is also a Jupiter Mercury conjunction with this eclipse. So, tell your story but remember to laugh, remember to dance, remember to sing, remember to breathe in all that joy!  … and breathe it back out again.



Sun and Moon

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