Ooh… A chance to vote for your favourite Indie Book Cover. Which one did I vote for? My lips are sealed.

Joanne Phillips

Right, guys – it’s time to vote! Here are your nominations for the Indie Cover Hall of Fame competition, plus a few nominations of my own. Choose your favourite and then vote below. I’ll bring you the results at the end of the We’ve Got It Covered series in two week’s time.

lost girls WWII
spirit LA sea witch
ripple poker face
Living room the seven steps to closure
It Started With A Click inceptio
humanity groom
The Green Ticket Dangerous Waters
Talli Build Unravelling
House of Silence 100 little words
girl cop closure
Clipper bagpipes

Wow! 23 entries! That’s amazing. What is fascinating to me, seeing them all lined up next to each other, is the breadth of design and styles – they are all so different. I have my favourites, and I’m sure you have yours! Thanks so much to everyone who nominated a cover – now it’s over to you.

A word on voting – please vote for the cover you like the most, not the cover that was designed by your friend, or the book written by your favourite author. This is a cover competition – judge your favourite on…

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