Because time and place
Keep us apart

And at the moment
You’re not even
Words on a screen

But I have your words
Some engraved
on my heart
Most, just kept
so I can read them
again and again

And I do
Read them

We’re so clever
So funny
So sexy

And sometimes
The love that
We don’t speak of
Is exposed in our words

And my heart explodes
In celebration

And melts into
Those cold parts
Of me forgotten
For so long

In some ways
Your words transform me
Into a kind of Galatea
Waiting for the kiss
Of Aphrodite
And my first breath
As your beloved

But now I read you
And my fingers
Ache to touch

I stretch out my arm
Which somehow
Seems separate
Alone, Bereft

My fingers tingle
And reach
And tease
And in a moment
Of sheer Voo Doo
I feel your fingers
Touch mine

And magically
If not really
We are one
For a moment
We are one

With a kind of madness
My life is made up
Of a series of moments
That seem to have
No familiar features

all those moments

Are the kiss
of Aphrodite

(c) Robin Dalton, December 25, 2014

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