We were downtown
On our lunch break
Anita liked to get out
Walk, breathe
No matter how cold
The air was

Today was pizza by the slice

She was still flirting
With one of the young
Attorneys in our building
Her laughter
Floated on the wind

I was feeding the crows
Bits of pizza crust
And wondering why
I was still with you

So many years
You cling to our
Marriage like it
Was a life raft

I watch Anita
With her laughter
And sparkling eyes
And flirty little skirt

And realise I am
Chained tight and fast
to your Life raft

I have mistaken
Need for love
Indifference for affection
Stagnant waters
For a peaceful
Flowing river

Anita picks
Up an acorn
And throws it
At my head
It’s supposed
To make me laugh

I turn my head quickly
To hide the sudden tears
And see a shiny, sleek
Black crow watching me

It’s autumn
Dry leaves
Flutter in the wind
One lifts off from
The ground
And lands on my coat

Winter will be here soon


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