Scattered Pieces

To be honest I’m not really here today.

I’m all over the place.

My heart took off on a jet plane ages ago.

My head has lost its identity entirely.

My stomach is holding a fear party.

My eyes…

My eyes can’t stop looking out my office window at a wet, miserable day in Southern England.

So, I fear you’ll need to wait for me to put my pieces back together again.

In the meantime, this bubbled up:

I am walking
Because I needed to escape
For just a little bit

It is not walking weather
There are no Ravens
Guiding me on my path

Just walking and
The sound of my boots
Hitting hard packed
Winter ground

I keep thinking
When the snowdrops
Ease out of this barren ground
I will make sense
Of this nonsensical present

Is there wisdom in a snowdrop
Is there hope in the breath of Spring

12 January 2015


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