I Am Saying Goodbye

I am saying
to my river
The one
that has been
Home for so long

My river
Is tidal
And is
on the move
Much like me

I let myself
Let myself
For a dozen
or so years
That a home
had found me
And that I would
get to keep it

But no
I was always
a kind of benign
In a not very
Strange land
Just not
my Land

So I don
My gypsy
skirts again
My bracelets
That jingle
And jangle
When I walk

I toss my
Head of curls
With a confidence
Born of
Rather than

I have led a life
Of petty failures
That have finally
Caught up to me

And although
You may find me
Dancing around
The campfire
Seducing dark eyed
Breathless boys

At night
you can hear
my sad song

on the wind

in the trees

like me

for a place
to land

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