Embodied HOROSCOPES – April 2015

Those that know me well, know I’m not much into “sun sign” astrology. However, I found these pretty spot on. So for those of you into the astrology thing, enjoy. For those of you not into it, don’t worry I post non-woo stuff, as well.

Embodied Astrology

Horoscopes for April 2015
Read for your sign sun and for your rising sign if you know it
This month’s practice for everyone is Nadi Shodhana, and the article about it is here

Ceremonial offerings in Bali Ceremonial offerings in Bali

ARIES– Your feelings of who you are have been changing so rapidly and have been so in flux for so long that it has become your new normal. This past month might have been brutal or lovely, but either way it’s brought something close to a culmination point, and the rapid changes and transformations of your identity are reaching a point of clarification. What’s coming in April is now the ability to mentally make sense of the changes, and to articulate, define, and refine your sense of yourself. This doesn’t mean the changes are over but it means that they’re moving past the crisis points. You are about to come through into…

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One thought on “Embodied HOROSCOPES – April 2015

  1. What a thoughtful blog space! I’m so glad you shared it as it seemed to feel like it was written just with my heart and current struggles in mind. (I’m a Virgo, just in case you were wondering. What’s your sign?)

    I have always thought astrology and horoscopes were interesting, but irrelevant. I think that not everything is meant to be a part of your entire life journey. What works in some stages may not be so applicable in others.

    For some reason astrology has been providing some really eye opening epiphanies for me lately (but then again, isn’t everything?). I keep looking for astrologers who will channel their truth into thoughtful and meaningful interpretations and this blog has done exactly that.

    I’m glad I have souls like you to walk along with me on my journey so we can share these types of finds with one another.

    I hope your day is radiant and filled to the brim with laughter and love.

    Thinking of you. Xo

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