This Is My Goodbye

Some days

I wait for good bye

It never comes

Some blank silences 
Followed by words
Powerful words 
That should obliterate
Those silences

I’m probably too needy

Some days
I say goodbye
I’m rarely heard

I’m asked to stay

I’m told no one leaves

I’m walking away
For just a bit

I want a goodbye
I want peck on the cheek
I want a deep
Soul destroying kiss

But today
It’s me saying goodbye
Into a dark night
Filled with silence

And so…

This is my goodbye

8 thoughts on “This Is My Goodbye

  1. Oh and

    I have a secret for you:

    There’s more light than you can ever inagine waiting for you on the other side. We should exchange emails, I swear. I just feel you so strongly right now. Because you are strong. You always have been, but this is the moment YOU realized it. I believe in you. Always. Xo

  2. “things” didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped but, sadly, much like I expected. Just as soon as I catch my breath, I would like to talk to you… about this and my take on astrology. I think you would find it interesting. Much love to you ❤️

  3. I’ve always loved you:) Raine has my email address and thelastbabicat. I’ll tell them to share it with you. I would love that. I’m so much older than you but I still see you and Raine as my Gurus … Which just goes to show age is meaningless… (Blows kisses)

    1. Spiritual age has nothing to do with the time you’ve spent in a physical form. I’m convinced of it. You have a strong soul and I feel like something is gathering the women together right now. We have to lean on each other. I’ll be your rock when your storms come. We can all be that to each other.

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