The truth is
I was terrible at geometry
I was not great 
At math
In general
There are reasons
But they’re ugly
And involve 
And abuse
And bad parenting
Let’s not go there
But geometry 
Is almost
Which should be good
For someone like me
I prefer to think
It just wasn’t
Explained properly
So geometry is still
Such an elusive thing
I can’t quite grasp
But triangles
I loved triangles
They made music
Could make music
I thought I had
A secure grasp
On triangles
And her
And me
But we made
A clangy sound
It was not pretty
It was ugly
And finally
I’m not fond
Of triangles now
I wanted to take
My point off to a
Bohemian Street Faire
Find some slow dancing
Brown eyed boy
Who would make me
Forget how to breathe
You could be
Point A
To her Point B
But you said
No one leaves
We love this through
I believe in love
I don’t know 
If I believe 
In triangles

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