Taurus New Moon & Mercury Retrograde

Embodied Astrology

Weekend greetings warriors.

Today our Patron of War, Mars, stands full frontal opposition to the Lord of timely resistance, Saturn. Mars in Gemini cuts to the chase, says what it means, and brings up many questions about truth and immediacy. Saturn in Sagittarius answers those questions with more questions about the bigger picture, and how long it takes for stories to unfold. This opposition is a reminder that personal experience is subjective, that the tests of time often turn our truths into hard lessons learned and create foreboding mythologies around those moments when we insisted upon our righteousness instead of biding our time.

Mars opposite Saturn is ALSO a call to speak to truth to power; to invoke fearless friendliness (Gemini) in the face of austerity, and idealist exclusions (Sagittarius); to remember that we must take action to build bridges of connection between ourselves and others; and that holding ourselves at arms length…

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