I Want More

I am standing

At the edge

Of the ocean

Between us
I have spent months

Shouting into the wind

Hammering my fists

Against the stubborn void

Cursing this monstrous sea
And even though

All it takes

Is the slow


Of my eyes
To feel your fingertips

Brush up my arm

Touch my lips

Slip inside

In a kind of

Ritual joining
My mouth

Your hand

I want


Than magic
I want

More than




From ancient tomes

Magic elixirs

So today

I am whispering

Words of love

Into the wind

That whips

Around me
Salt water

From sea spray,

And my eyes,

Covers my cheeks

And still love

Pours from my lips
My hands ache

From the cold

My lips stiff

And blue

And still

My love

Pours forth
Manic girl

I am in a panic

Of need and want

And emptiness,
Until I hear

You whisper back
Feel your finger

Trace my tears

Scoop their

Heat up

With the

Tip of your tongue
It is still magic

But it is our magic
And it is enough

For today

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