Promises and Moon and Ice Cream

I am still not grounded
I still have moments
of flying too high
and falling too hard

I haven’t found a rhythm, a dance
I haven’t found a way to ensure my survival
But still, I take one breath after the other

Tonight I rediscovered
my love of Chunky Monkey
Ice Cream is everywhere
Even in England
Even Ben and Jerry’s
But not Chunky Monkey

The man who used to be mine
Seduced me in Vermont
A series of days and nights
Of falling and falling
And one day of ice cream
And laughter and Ben and Jerry’s

Later on a balcony
With starlight
And stories
And wine
And too many cigarettes
He said
I want to leave you better than I found you
And I felt huge like El Capitan
In Yosemite Park
Some great outpost of civilisation
Waiting to be discovered
And maybe for a shy English boy
My brash American ways were just that

And now that he has left me
Now that we have left each other
Now that he no longer
Scales my heights
I wonder
Did he leave me better than he found me

Tonight under a Pisces full moon
I stood outside barefoot
In a sun dress with a spoon
And a tub of Chunky Monkey
Alone in a busy universe
And let the hot Georgia night
Sing to me
Seduce me
Make promises to me
It can’t possibly keep

The Moon

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