Your Inanna

He said you are like Inanna
Descending into the underworld
But I keep remembering
How she was destroyed
And ended up as a slab
Of decaying meat hanging
On a meat hook turning green


He thinks
I’m brave facing the shadow me
But I know
I am merely self-destructive
And one day very soon
I will turn away from the mirror
He is holding up, turn away from him
While he looks for his next goddess

Because I am no one’s goddess
No one’s magic potion
No one’s sweet elixir of life everlasting
I am the bitterest, vilest venom
The cruelest serum of all
Because I demand truth
All of your many truths

And you will grow to hate me for it
And then your brave shadow facing goddess
Becomes just another good bye girl
Another decaying slab of meat
Praying for the ultimate transformation
Hoping for the ultimate sacrifice.
Dreaming of a saviour because she has
Given up trying to save herself

So, yes. I am your Inanna of the Underworld
Come lie with me, come die with me



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