December 2015 Full Moon Horoscope Affirmations

These are truly wonderful.

Embodied Astrology

Read affirmations for your sun sign and rising sign. You can find out more about both of these if you know your birth time here.

Learn more about the astrology of this moon here.

Listen to the Embodied Astrology guided meditation for this moon here

KINJIN via PinterestKINJIN via Pinterest

I have nothing to prove. I do not owe anyone anything. No one owes anything to me. I don’t own anyone. I am not owned by anyone. I take full responsibility for my own becoming. I see the foundation that was laid before I arrived, I feel where I sit… And I choose how to build and when to excavate. I am aware of what I stand for. I bless my family that has given me life and I bless all of my relations. I ask for forgiveness, acceptance, courage, release, and support. I honor the goodness that has…

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