When Night Has Fallen

When Night Has Fallen
Night has fallen
on this small island,
too far north
for light
to last long

The gulls
have stopped
their shrieking

Even in this small
country town
I can hear the sound
of cars speeding
down a nearby
people rushing
to get home,
a siren wailing
far away
in the distance

I know
even as
I cannot see
that the ocean
is a mere
fifteen minutes away,
that it continues
to send wave
after wave
over my beach
of pebbles

I know
even as
I cannot see
that just a little further
north is the ridge
of the South Downs
that seem
to go on
filled with faerie rings
and faerie magic
and mysteries of old

you wander
into an opening
and if you look
into the distance
you will see
The English Channel
in all its splendour
and mystery
and bloody history

But it is night
Darkness needs
its time too

So even though
you know
that relentless ocean
and that almost
endless ridge
of ancient hills
is there,
even though
you can feel them
in your heart

What you hear
are sounds
of traffic
on recently
rained on
and the
moment of
allowing you
to escape
from the now
of living

For a moment
you can let
your mind empty
and your heart
and not need
to be anything
at all

Just here
in this moment


While a night
filled with stars
is out there
waiting for you

(c) Robin Dalton
Sunday, 28 May 2017
Sussex Coast, England



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