Thoughts of Didion

Night before last I watched Griffin Dunne’s documentary on his aunt, Joan Didion. It’s on Netflix and it is truly wonderful.

I read a lot of Didion in the 70s but I haven’t read much of her work recently. In 1979 when my first husband and I divorced I lost my little Hollywood bungalow with the washer and dryer and moved to an apartment in West Hollywood. It wasn’t a great loss. The bungalow was haunted and the ghost wasn’t a pleasant chap. However, there was no washer or dryer in the new apartment.

So one night a week I spent in a Hollywood laundromat. Laundromats are strange places, uncomfortably intimate, populated with people trying desperately not to make eye contact.

For a few weeks I read Joan Didion’s “White Album” in a laundromat situated in a Hollywood strip mall. It was surreal and completely “real” at the same time.

Even though “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” has been on my To Read List for decades and on my bookshelf for a few years now, I’ve never read it. After watching “The Center Will Not Hold” I felt like I had slid down a rabbit hole that I didn’t know was there. So I’m reading (finally), “Slouching Towards Bethlehem.”


One thought on “Thoughts of Didion

  1. I bought White Album back in Slovenia in a used-book store for the title alone. And I liked it how it sat in my hand. 🙂 I have it here with me but have not read it so far. Or watched the documentary, but I will. Have read The Year of Magical Thinking. Will read more. Sends calm Tuscan winter greetings.

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