Day 20: Rebel rebel

For the original poem which is way cool but also for the link to the wonderful essay by Alice Notley.

Mexi Movie the Third (closed)

What a great craft resource today! Hail, hail, the disobedient!

I enjoyed reading the essay by poet Alice Notley so much that I almost forgot to write my poem.

First, Challenge 20: “Write a poem that involves rebellion in some way.” Immediately I felt quite at home. Then I read the essay and felt all is right in this world.

Still, my poem waited to be written. All the words in quotation marks are by Alice Notley of whom I never heard before but she certainly made an impression. Thank you for recognising the truth.

Disobey this!

“There were no babies in poetry then. How could that have been? What are we leaving out now?”
—Alice Notley

I don’t think it’s exactly a profession
neither a horrorscope sign
the ikigai
or the answer to the question:
What do you wish to be
when you grow up?
Still, it marginally beats

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3 thoughts on “Day 20: Rebel rebel

  1. Ohh, Robin, I’m so glad you loved the essay just as much. ❤ And my poem enough to reblog it. This month has indeed been a revelation of sorts for me. I mean, if I can write such a variety of poems to various prompts, imagine what I could do of my own free will? 😉

    1. Well, I love all your blog posts but it’s been really fun to watch you on your 30 poems in 30 days adventure. I hope it doesn’t sound too patronising but I’m kind of really proud of you. ❤️

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