Day 30: The month of firsts

This is a friend of mine. You should go back and read all 30 of her poetry posts but I wanted to reblog this one because it’s also got some good links in it. Have fun. Read a poem.

Mexi Movie the Third (closed)

You never forget your first.

Not yet, May 1st begins in less than a half of hour, but let’s have a look at the last poetry challenge for this month:

Challenge 30: “I’d like you to take your cue from Borges, and write a poem that engages with a strange and fascinating fact.”

We shall leave Borges where he belongs, which is nowhere near my poetry, and instead end this April sausage with a little recap.

Thank you to organisers for all the prompts, and to my regular and irregular visitors for not running away this month and reading any or all of my poems, and especially for all the kind things you said in your comments and in one case in your poem, Charlotte.

A few strange and fascinating facts for the month of April


Not only
I continue my life
in the bottom right corner

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One thought on “Day 30: The month of firsts

  1. Thank you, Robin, from the heart, for all your support in the shape of nice words and reblogs. I’m quite amazed at this April and all I’ve done. It’s easier if you get a pat on the back from someone who means it. Much love! ❤

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