Chemo Blues

Today has been a gruesome one. Day 3 after my third cycle of chemo.

I had to cancel my therapy appointment again:(

Too sick to get out of bed. Even with a reduced chemo dose I’m existing on anti-sickness meds but no mysterious fevers. So there’s that.

What do you do when you’re too sick to get out of bed? You take pics of your loyal and very beautiful Springer Spaniel.

The Spaniel spreading her love like a fever (apologies to BRMC):


the night moves: Chemo Poetry

the night moves
in endless liquid
in pools of sweat
and suppressed vomit

and repressed dreams
and not quite forgotten
and lucky escapes
and disastrous
and miraculous

and death
knocking at my door
and love waiting
at my back

and never ending
of sublime beauty
that take
my breath away
and take up
too much space
in my fevered brow

the night moves
and never stops
with harsh breaths
and soft
almost silent

and dream
after dream
after dream
in cold sweat

and living
more living

11 May 2018

Women of Flash

Ooh. Cool post with cool links to cool flash fiction. I highly recommend this blogger.


Now that Napowrimo is over, I’m settling back into my routine of morning online reading. This is my time to look for wonder-full flash and poetry and get lost in other places and other lives. There are many good writers out there but there are also some exceptional ones. Here’s a few of those writers and the stories that graced my recent mornings. I hope you enjoy – no, I know you will!

39C010CF-F2FE-4FEE-85C8-45A0FDF910AF.jpegThe Origin of Silk by Lori Sambol Brody in Gulf Stream Journal. I was completely absorbed in this story – the richness of words and images, the exotic locale, the foreign culture. The subject of kidnapped brides is one I’ve read about in a non-fiction, documentary genre but this little fiction story made it seem more immediate and scarily possible. I just love this story, clearly a favorite for 2018. I’ll be watching and hoping for a…

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More thoughts on blackbirds: Chemo ramblings

I think
but I could be wrong

It’s a hard choice to make

but I think
my favourite thing
about summer
is the sound
of blackbirds
just outside
my bedroom window
early in the morning

They’re nesting
in the plum trees
just across
the road

and in my heart.

10 May 2018