A Warm Breath

I falter
a lot


I have been
asking questions

Lots of why questions
Some when questions
Lots and lots
of what now questions

And then I felt myself falter
Yet again

I think sometimes
as innocent
as a warm breath
can cause a loss
of balance


But also
a missed

And so I falter
and catch myself
without waiting
for that warm breath
or a reason
for my heart to beat

I am a lover

of me.



I’m procrastinating. In my head lies unwritten poetry, unanswered letters and emails, and a “living with cancer” update.

However, mostly (in between taking pics of my dogs) I am reading. This book, in fact, and it’s one of the best stories I’ve read in awhile.


Featured Publication – Metastatic by Jane Lovell

I was moved, impressed, and quite stricken with awe by these poems of Jane Lovell.

Our featured publication for February is Metastatic by Jane Lovell, published by Against the Grain Press.

Jane Lovell’s writing charts mysterious, unsettling trajectories: the invisible paths of bees, the journey of dead light, the routes found in folded and untied landscapes. These poems unmoor us, find beauty and strangeness in the everyday.’ Helen Mort

Jane Lovell’s poetry is rooted in the human body, which in turn is rooted in the earth, sheltered by the sky, and washed clean by the rain. This raw and unflinching collection reminds us that our lives are determined by natural processes, of which change and decay are as vital and relevant as new birth and growth.’ Katharine Norbury


Thrush, Covent Garden, 1792

She has waited over two centuries
for sunlight, beak raised towards
the edge of the page

her nestful of eggs washed grey
and the song of lost days pressed

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