Reading Poetry

New poetry I’m reading. I had to look up Erato. I had forgotten. She was one of the Greek Goddesses, the muse of erotic poetry and mime.

I was reading a novel but it failed to hold my attention. So now I’m sliding down the rabbit hole into poetry.


Drugs and British politicians: a bonus post — Notes from the U.K.

As I write this, half the Conservative Party is in the running to be the next party leader and, in a kind of two-for-one offer that’s built into British politics, since the Conservatives are the ruling party, the next prime minister. For at least a brief time, since the Conservatives have a fragile hold on […]

via Drugs and British politicians: a bonus post — Notes from the U.K.


If you’re not following this blog, you should be. This is an especially amusing and relevant post. ~ Rxx

My Interview with Jericho Brown

Charlotte interviews Jericho Brown!


“I think social media allows more access to more poems. And I think it allows me the chance to think about the work of poets I love in a more intimate way since I can see them struggling with teaching and writing and raising kids and living in the moments when it happens. Poetry is better when it comes from and happens to real people we can imagine. No oracles!” — Jericho Brown


My interview with poet Jericho Brown is currently online in Barren Magazine. Click here.

Many thanks to Jericho for generously sharing his thoughts and insight and to Jason Ramsey for publishing it in Barren.

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