Sometimes healing…[fifteen words]

is surviving
and climaxing
in loving
and falling
and the touch
of you



Just This Once

And if
tomorrow never comes
will we remember?

I am dancing
with a rolling log
beneath my feet
bathed in starshine
and moonglow
with the sound of surf
in my ears
and just this once
I think
I can touch the sky.

24 August 2018

On the Edge of Time

They tell me
I’m dying

I’m breathing

My future
has narrowed
all too human

I no longer plan

Every day
every moment
every breath
is a promise
a wish
come true

a stillness
on the edge of time

6 August 2018

Sing for Me

And if

I place my lips

just so

will you sing for me?

25 June 2018
from the English Channel


Old World Blues

there’s a guitar
standing in the corner

it never makes a sound

days of silence
like a sudden body blow
fill up old world rooms

with memories of blues
haunting dark corners
while a mild case
of decay
the dead
and the living

Danny and me
we listen for those notes
that never get played

he drums his fingers
on my thighs
while I
just keep on dreamin’

8 June 2018

Somewhere in the United Kingdom

Chemo Yesterday

Cycle 3 of 6 Chemo treatments happened yesterday morning, although, at a reduced dose.

I don’t know but I’m guessing I won’t feel like making words for awhile.

I don’t feel like making words now.

I don’t know if it’s silly and futile to try to maintain a blog while going through cancer treatment but for the moment I’m trying to persist.

On Tuesday I was in the hospital for pre-chemo blood work.

I’ve recently discovered the poet, Alice Oswald.

While I was waiting I read her poem:


I like this first verse:

Very small and damaged and quite dry,
a Roman water nymph made of bone
tries to summon a river out of limestone

I like the idea of summoning rivers.


8 May 2018


the waiting

and when I reach out
to touch something
that is not me

I feel a kind of
hear a kind of
dull static

that’s how I know
I’m still waiting

for you

5 May 2018
Sussex Coast, England