Winter Wind

The wind is dancing
loud, rhythmic
against my windows
night twirling
out of control
until the sun breaks
and my world
is filled with
brittle leaves
forgotten bits
of refuse
broken and damaged

never comes
but if you stop
and listen
to the night
swirl around you
it ceases to matter

22 February 2020



My body
has turned

I have

how to listen
how to see

The dawn chorus
used to slip between
the cracks
of my resistance
until hope
a beating heart

the silence
is impenetrable

While my body
rants and raves
at the unfairness
at the insistence
that each tiny
each birth
of an idea
must be
by pain
by impossibilities

It is 3 am
I am trying
to teach myself
how to listen again
even as my hip
begins to spasm

The birds
will come soon
I’m trying to be ready

23 December 2019
Sussex Coast

Sunset on the South Downs ~ Photography by me

The Gate

Like a gate that never opens
or one the never closes
or one banging in the wind
squeaking on one rusty hinge

My mind is not mine
just a bit of flotsam
lost to the irrational
forces of nature
or is it nurture?

I listen for your song
on the wind
weather storms
and still silences
on one rusty hinge.


A Ramble on Quality of Life

Quality of Life is a recurring theme in my appointments with cancer doctors. Some people’s bodies and minds adjust quite well. Some don’t. I’m in the latter category. They remind me of the myriad of preexisting conditions and traumas my body had experienced before cancer and the trauma of treatment. Apparently my body is tired and a bit worn out.

I woke up in the middle of the night in pain and overcome by nausea and that sinking feeling knowing I wouldn’t fall asleep again and the exhaustion of trying to accept the realities of my new post cancer life.

Sometimes I think it would be better if there was no before for comparison. Sometimes I wonder if surviving cancer is the right thing, the kind thing. I am trying to find something I can do with these last years and my lack of mobility. I think I would like to be a student again. I loved college. I was good at being a student. So maybe my hobby will be learning.

Sorry. Rambling thoughts. I didn’t sleep. My head hurts. That phantom place where the incision was made hurts. Damaged nerves. Damaged lives.


by Josephine Robin Dalton
Not particularly a relevant photo other than it being a revered place of learning. Radcliffe Camera, Oxford ~ October 2010