We Watched the Moon

Last night
we watched
the moon

It was golden
and slowly
into the darkness
of a summer night
until it stopped
hanging there
like a sacred vessel
waiting to be filled

I’m just
a microscopic
a molecular


for a moment
I think
I believe

I filled the moon
up with my breath

and a sigh

and a shared smile
before we returned
to our lives once again

with wisps of the sacred
trailing behind us

18 July 2019

Drugs and British politicians: a bonus post — Notes from the U.K.

As I write this, half the Conservative Party is in the running to be the next party leader and, in a kind of two-for-one offer that’s built into British politics, since the Conservatives are the ruling party, the next prime minister. For at least a brief time, since the Conservatives have a fragile hold on […]

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If you’re not following this blog, you should be. This is an especially amusing and relevant post. ~ Rxx


There will come a time

even for you

when life
will ask of you
the impossible

I have no

I pretend I do
but I don’t

Its a kind of
gossamer world
that makes my eyes
keeps my dreams

The only thing
I think I know

Is that nothing
stays the same,
lasts forever

There is no
magic elixir

no obscure

no absolute
and forever

There is only
beginning again

20 May 2019
West Sussex

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