Blue Like the Sea

My blanket is blue
blue, like the sea

If I look
in the right way
in the right light
I can see it
against me
like waves

and if I close my eyes
I can lose myself
in mermaid dreams
and swimming
against the tide
until I soften
and let go

and I am in
and falling
and tumbling
into the arms
of the sea

and I wonder
when I forgot
what my laugh
sounds like

until I reach
for my blanket
blue like the sea
and fall
into dreaming
of swimming
and breathing

15 May 2016
West Sussex


The End

It was a game of bingo
or was it craps
or was it his voice
my name, softened
and rhythmic
and flowing
for a pause
for the end

14 May 2019
West Sussex

South Downs photo taken and edited by me


The Sound Words Make

She had a fancy new journal spread out on her desk and a not so fancy fountain pen in her hand. She wrote a sentence or two, nothing special, just to hear the sound of the pen against the paper.

She wasn’t thinking about her words. She was letting her troubled mind be soothed by sound.

Sometimes you think about what’s important and your brain floods you with answers, with hierarchies of answers.

But your heart? Well sometimes your heart just needs to be soothed by the sounds of the small things, like a pen leaving scratches on virgin paper.

Hard Ground, Manic and Endless

I am thinking
about you
looking out my window
watching spring
wishing I hadn’t forgotten
how to laugh

watching you
even now
can still
make me smile
and stumble
for empty air
that rush
of soft voices

Thinking about you
I give up
sit down
on hard ground
let my teeth
slide into soft peach
trying to remember
the sound of you
manic and endless

5 April 2019



My Interview with Jericho Brown

Charlotte interviews Jericho Brown!


“I think social media allows more access to more poems. And I think it allows me the chance to think about the work of poets I love in a more intimate way since I can see them struggling with teaching and writing and raising kids and living in the moments when it happens. Poetry is better when it comes from and happens to real people we can imagine. No oracles!” — Jericho Brown


My interview with poet Jericho Brown is currently online in Barren Magazine. Click here.

Many thanks to Jericho for generously sharing his thoughts and insight and to Jason Ramsey for publishing it in Barren.

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