About Hair Loss and Chemotherapy

I’m afraid National Poetry Month got derailed by cancer. No 30 poems in 30 days for me.

My hair started falling out in clumps on Friday. 2nd of 6 cycles of EC-T Chemotherapy was yesterday.

Yesterday evening someone tried to tell me how sexy women without hair are. I had to explain that I wasn’t a woman without hair but a woman with hair loss, that I am a woman with cancer. There is nothing sexy about cancer.

Choosing to shave your head and experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy are not the same thing.

Choosing to shave my head is not an option for me. Infection control is a high priority in my case. I’m not even allowed to shave my legs.

This is me today, sans head coverings.

I’m still experiencing a great deal of trauma.

It’s not about vanity. It’s about my reflection. When you look in the mirror you reflect you back to you. So much information is passed onto the central nervous system in that exchange.

I’m definitely experiencing overload.

Peace be with you.