Our Dance With Gemini: Talking, Seeing, Listening, Loving

Gemini Twins

Today in the midst of weirdness I realized I wanted to write a post, as I hadn’t written one in awhile. Ever since I decided to semi-retire, my work load has increased considerably. So I’ve had to rethink that decision and am now back to working as a full time astrologer, which I am happy to say feels wonderful. In addition to work, there seem to be so many distractions in our world. Distractions: four planets and one half of the lunar nodal axis in Gemini. Gemini likes distractions. In fact, Gemini is the master of distractions. Remember he is also the trickster of the zodiac. There is much to be learned from these distractions and I must warn you not all of it feels nice.

I’m not going to write much about tomorrow’s new moon because so many other astrology bloggers have that covered. I will say, however, that I have seen a lot of posts about the romance of the coming new moon, the opportunity to find your true love, making it sound like another celebration of Valentine’s Day. I would caution against underestimating the power and reach of Venus or Mercury and certainly Luna. Each one of the celestial bodies are involved in this dance, as well as the Sun, as they are all in the sign of Gemini which is ruled by Mercury. There are other complicating factors (not least of all, the Quincunx of Pluto to Venus), as well, but for the moment let’s just stick with these actors in our play.

There has been a lot of cosmic focus on our relationships of late. I don’t think anyone can really argue with that unless they’ve managed to successfully bury their heads in the sand. I’m not just referring to relationships with lovers and partners in life, but all our relationships across the board, including our relationship with ourselves and our values and our value. A lot is being asked of us, but then if you look around, you will see a lot is needed.

There is a word that has been cropping up in my thinking for many, many months now. That word is Integrity. Today I discovered that along with Integrity are the words Humility and Discernment. Frankly Humility and Discernment aren’t usually thought of in reference to Gemini and very rarely, if ever, in reference to my sun sign, Sagittarius.

Today I learned a very important lesson and lost a friend at the same time, a friendship that I valued greatly. Remember when I mentioned the lessons to be learned in being too easily distracted? I speak from experience. Our words possess so much power. It is easy to get distracted and forget that. Of all the signs, Gemini is the one most attuned to our words. However, Gemini wants to quickly get them back out there again. Gemini collects and disseminates data. There is, however, more to Gemini than the role of chatterbox of the Zodiac. Geminis perceive the world around them and try to make sense of it. In fact, Geminis want to see and experience everything there is in the world. As that is clearly impossible, they try to garner that missing data much like a journalist does. They ask questions. However, that only works well if they pause to listen.

Those of you who follow my Facebook and Twitter feeds know I have been posting a lot about remembering to listen during this fantastic, playful Gemini dance we’re being given. We all have stories to tell and just so many words dying to get out. Today I was so busy trying to be cute and funny (which I do occasionally excel at [see Sadge smile]) that I forgot to discern the effect my words might have on my listener.  In effect, it was just a bit of automatic (i.e. unconscious) banter while my mind was occupied elsewhere. In fact, I had already decided how my listener would respond which is a rather annoying aspect of the Gemini energy. They are so sure they know what you are going to say next that they stop listening and become distracted by the colour of your eyes or in this case, as I was emailing from my phone, messages coming in from Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or what I was going to eat for breakfast 🙂 In fact, it was something I would have said 20 years ago to my Lit Professor. The same Lit Professor that still makes my heart beat a little faster when I think of him. The thing is, I wasn’t talking to an old flame and it is not the 1980s.

This is a more personal post than I normally do. Frankly, I was so surprised and disappointed by it’s outcome, and also humbled beyond measure, that I thought I might give you the benefit of my experience. Instead of talking about communication with integrity and discernment and humility, I would give you myself as an example. In the aftermath, I asked the question I always ask: Why? Which forced me to raise my head above the personal stressors that have been demanding so much of my attention and energy of late. It also gave me a clear archetypal view of the sign: Gemini. I used to have a friend that said this repeatedly: “Astrology is an elegant language.”  And so it is.

So, this is my Truth: Any story that is wanting to be told, that is worth being told, along with the person we respect enough to tell our story to, deserves our complete attention… our conscious attention. Equally important is to make sure the person you are telling your story to deserves your gift and is in a place where he or she is capable of receiving it, because it is truly a gift and not to be squandered.

Some useful definitions I discovered on Wikipedia:

Discernment is a term used to describe the activity of determining the value and quality of a certain subject or event. Typically, it is used to describe the activity of going past the mere perception of something, to making detailed judgements about that thing. As a virtue, a discerning individual is considered to possess wisdom, and be of good judgement.

Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions.

Humility is the quality of being modest and respectful. Humility, in various interpretations, is widely seen as a virtue in many religious and philosophical traditions, being connected with notions of egolessness. Or as Isabel Hickey said in Astrology: A Cosmic Science, “The willingness to be the least.”

When I started this blog post, I started by talking about the planetary focus on relationships. You may by now think I have wandered off a bit. However, remember Venus is in the sign of Gemini. Venus in Gemini is airy, flirty, jokey, a bit of a tease and fun, if easily bored. However, they can be quite emotionally distant and lacking in any sentimentality whatsoever. They also try to make sense of whatever or whoever is in front of them and on occasion slip out the back door when things get too intense. With our second new moon in Gemini coming up, I can’t help but think we are being asked to seriously look at our relationships with ourselves and with others and communicate what we see consciously. I fervently believe that out of these talks with ourselves, our lovers, our partners, our families, our friends not only what we want, what we value, but what value we place on ourselves, will be made clear to us. And, yes, some of us will find the love of our lives, some of us will discover that we’ve been wasting our time on the wrong person, the wrong life and some of us will discover that no one will ever love us the way we would wish until we are able to love ourselves fully.

As always, below you will find a chart for tomorrow’s New Moon and some quotes….


It’s no use talking unless people understand what you say.
Zora Neale Hurston

Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.
― Anaïs Nin


Today’s Sabian Symbol for our Gemini Sun

Gemini Twins In Their Constellation

Today’s Sabian Symbol for the 19 degree Gemini Sun is:

A Large Archaic Volume Reveals a Traditional Wisdom

There is a source of knowledge or wisdom available to all of us. That fact never changes. It is always open and waiting. Some of this wisdom is discovered and achieved through study, through great dedication and mental focus. However, a great deal of it is achieved through experience, which is itself a type of dedication and focus. Experience is indestructible. Experiential wisdom comes to us in cycles. Each time we traverse what seems like that same bend in the road, we come back with a bit more wisdom, a bit more understanding. It’s important to remember, and easy to forget, that all the wisdom in those esoteric texts were experienced first.

So, in fact, those repetitious journeys that feel like mistakes aren’t repetitious at all. They are, in fact, a bit like a polishing exercise. Each time you emerge you’re just a little bit shinier, and that inner glow that is your true essence is just a bit more visible.  Remember every misstep is just another step on the Path…

Well we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Well we all shine on
~ John Lennon

Namaste’ Y’all

The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it.

The Mutable Signs in Astrology: Change Always Comes Bearing Gifts


I know everyone is starting to gird their loins for the coming transits, perhaps even panic a little. Neptune is stationing to go direct squaring the Moon’s nodal axis just 10 hours after the Lunar Eclipse in Sadge. Following that is the mystery and spectacle of Venus crossing the Sun, which none of us will see again in this life time, reminding us of the love we hold inside our hearts just waiting to be expressed and perhaps teaching us how to better express and receive that love. That’s a lot of energy to try to understand or experience and impossible to contain.

Some important degree points to consider:

14 Sagittarius (or anything within 3 degrees of 14 Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo)
3 Pisces (or anything within 3 degrees of 3 Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini or Virgo)
15 Gemini (or anything within 3 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces)
5 Sagittarius ( or anything within 3 degrees of 5 Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces)
5 Gemini ( or anything within 3 degrees of 5 Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces)

Are we seeing a pattern, yet?  Or in the words of Rolf Harris: “Can you tell what it is, yet?”  Astrology is all about patterns, as is our physical reality.

All of those signs listed above are mutable signs. What are mutable signs? On a general level they’re about adapting to change, being willing to adjust, go with the flow of events. It is also important to remember that they thrive on change, on movement and will seek to move beyond what currently exists, to adjust plans, and redesign existing patterns. Ever spend an afternoon with a Gemini? I had a lover once with a Gemini ascendent and I heard this from him almost every day: “I’ve got to keep my options open.”  In other words, they are always expecting change and, in fact, hoping for it. Mutable signs are flexible. They like to explore possible alternatives. When stuff happens to mutable signs they respond by evolving, by moving beyond what exists or by breaking up what exists in to manageable parts and dispersing them outward. For them the world is never static and is constantly changing. They like it that way.

Therefore, we have a great opportunity to learn about change, to evolve beyond what exists. For those of us who are more comfortable with maintaining the status quo or being the initiators this can be difficult, even problematic. Panic may occasionally step in because it is an energy we find unfamiliar, an energy that goes against how we expect the world to behave. I will admit that even I, with my 5 planets in fixed signs, have had some difficult moments, have wanted to grab hold of something to keep it in place just a little bit longer.

So, I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest something the tiniest bit radical: Just Allow.

Let those mutable energies sweep you along in their wake and enjoy the ride. When it’s over you will have discovered another piece of the puzzle that is you.

Before you ask where to look, I would suggest you look at any planets you have in or around 3, 14 or 15 degrees. To see what area of life will be activated by these changing energies look on your natal chart for which house the following points fall in:

14 Sagittarius
3 Pisces
15 Gemini

If you need a copy of your natal chart email me for information and rates at: robin.dreamer@gmail.com

This I got from Hal Bahr who got it from the movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I think it sums up the situation best.

“Everything turns out in the end so if things aren’t turning out, it’s not the end”

Namaste’ Y’all,

The Transit of Venus Across the Sun~ June 2012