Aries and Pisces Ask Us To Find A Balance Between What We Say and What We Feel

Zodiac Art, Aries by Carolyn Quan
© 2008 Carolyn Quan. All rights reserved.

Changes are afoot today… Mercury is moving into ‘just do it’ Aries alongside Uranus while the Moon has moved into ‘just dream it’ Pisces holding hands with Neptune.

The Moon is coming up to oppose Mars… feelings of frustration may create personal challenges… The urge to bust out and start all those projects that have been on hold may be hampered by the need to ‘feel’ receptive, peace-loving, compassionate… with an emphasis on the super-sensitive … Work to combine the two energies to create dynamic expressions of peace and compassion, poetry and art. How can you make the world a better place? Find a balance between what you say and what you feel.


16 April 2012

Mercury Stations Direct with a Mutable Grand Cross

Mercury may be direct, but it is still in it’s shadow phase. In addition, there is a very uncomfortable mutable Grand Cross formation with planets, points and asteroids. Take it easy. Be gentle with yourself and others. There is a lot of rhetoric out there and still a lot of unresolved anger issues. Situations may seem more critical than they are. I, myself, have experienced this in a rather unpleasant manner this week.

Most important: slow it down a notch…

Remember life’s a dance. Right now the rhythm is hard to grasp, filled with different drummers, too many instruments playing at once. Try to find the beauty in the steps, in the melody, your partner…

Current Astrological Tansits: Take the High Road

I wrote the post below around midnight my time… from my phone. It seemed really important at the time and I didn’t want to wait until the morning to post it. However, because it was written on my phone, it may have come across a bit abrupt. When I posted it on Facebook, it resonated with a number of people. So, I wanted to add a bit more to my thinking:

There has been much talk about this lovely Grand Trine we’ve been experiencing. The problem with Grand Trines is that in order for them to work we have to actually make use of the energy. That same harmonious energy can make us complacent and, dare I say it, a bit lazy. However, from the other perspective, if we are experiencing some truly challenging planetary placements, it can soften the experience a bit.

The other thing we have been hearing about is Retrograde Mercury, that poor planet that seems to get blamed for everything that doesn’t go our way, every misspoken word. Once again, I keep hearing this attitude that seems to say Mercury Retrograde is something to wait out, something to get over, something to masque with panaceas like an unfortunate and inappropriately timed virus.

I would caution you to remember that all transits, and indeed, all planetary energy, is there for us to use, not avoid or blame for our misfortune. Yes, some planetary energies cannot be described by even the wildest imagination as pleasant, but they can be great opportunities for growth, for self-discovery, personal transformation.

The thing is we aren’t just dealing with a Retrograde Mercury, we are also dealing with all the aspects that Retrograde Mercury is making to the other 7 planets and the Sun and Moon. That is not even taking into consideration the effect of these planetary placements on your own natal chart.

Last night it seemed to me that the square between 2 Transpersonal planets (Pluto and Uranus), the Moon (our emotional urges) and Retrograde Mercury along with the opposition between yet, another Transpersonal planet (Neptune) and another retrograde personal planet (Mars)  just might be overriding that lovely earth Grand Trine. So I wrote the following:

Okay, my friends, we’ve got a Pluto Moon conjunction squared (see stressful) by a Mercury Uranus conjunction. Those are some seriously heavy energies.

Think before you speak. Work on your own behaviour before pointing your fingers at others.

In fact, take the High Road! Don’t worry about what other people are doing.

Speaking of the High Road, retrograde Mars is opposing (see: that guy over there is stopping me from doing whatever) Neptune.

Write a poem. Listen to some music. Paint a picture. Watch a movie. Meditate. Practice unconditional love. Keep your heart open. Chill.


Transit Chart for 16 March 2012

The Magician and Mercury

The Magician from the Robin Hood Deck


After spending most of the day thinking about retrograde mercury in Sagittarius and ultimately writing a bit about it, I decided as part of the overall experience to invoke the energy of The Magician.

Mercury, as the planet of communication in all its forms,  is both trickster and Magician. There is a link between the planet Mercury and The Magician. It is through the energy of the Magician that we create our reality. It is through Mercury that we understand and communicate our reality to ourselves and to others. In truth, The Magician is the great Alchemist.

Next year I will doing a workshop on Healing and Personal Transformation with The Magician (more on that later) so I won’t go into a lot of detail now.

However, if this down time granted us by retrograde mercury gives us a chance to rethink our lives and ultimately recreate our futures, it is through The Magician that we are able to make manifest this future. So perhaps for today we can take some time to remember the talents, capabilities and resources we have at our disposal…