Fading Memories

The rain falls
my lips soften

I remember
to breathe

for my world to stop
and the sun to rise


like ripples
in your pond
before it freezes
for winter


I Want It To Rain

I want it to rain
Not that constant
Steady, never ending
Falling from the sky
Cleansing rain

But thunder
And lightning
A torrential down pour
One that destroys everything
In its merciless path

I want to be
Wiped clean,

Every weak
and so very badly
constructed foundation
every shaky structure
I’ve built to lie in a heap
of useless rubble

I want my once was
To be not any more
I want to be something else
I want to be not this

Will you destroy me
Until I am nothing?

And then help me
Rebuild something of value?
Something of permanence?
Something worth loving?
Something worth cherishing?
Something worth nourishing?
Something worth keeping?

I want it to rain.