The Sound Words Make

She had a fancy new journal spread out on her desk and a not so fancy fountain pen in her hand. She wrote a sentence or two, nothing special, just to hear the sound of the pen against the paper.

She wasn’t thinking about her words. She was letting her troubled mind be soothed by sound.

Sometimes you think about what’s important and your brain floods you with answers, with hierarchies of answers.

But your heart? Well sometimes your heart just needs to be soothed by the sounds of the small things, like a pen leaving scratches on virgin paper.

Spin Me: a drabble

“Spin me,” she whispered.

Her words caught on the wind before floating away into nothingness, never making it to his questioning gaze.

She could lose herself in those eyes, had lost herself in that gaze.

Not on this day.

With a sad smile and a soft sigh she turned away and slowly began to spin and spin and spin until she was dizzy and giddy with freedom. Her laughter filled the rafters with song while doves beat their wings frantically looking for a way out.

She lifted her arms in devotion and let herself fall into the cacophony of sound.

21 April 2018
Sussex Coast, England

Days of Sound and Silence

Some days
are made
purely of sound
car doors
trolley wheels
on concrete

and silence

I let my eyes shut
and I can hear
one dull roar
a cacophony
of sound

until I focus
my attention
on the silences

Our silences
hold our lives
give structure
to a world
that becomes
more meaningless
every day


until my boot
through a puddle
while a small bird
in an already
leafy shrubbery
serenades me
as all sound
and all silences
become music

hanging off

4 April 2018
Sussex Coast, England

Day 4 of 30 poems in 30 days for Na/GloPoWriMe